Friday, September 17, 2010

Hurricane JuJu!

Since we've moved closer to the Gulf, I've started keeping a closer eye on's hurricane information. Hurricane Julia is out in the Atlantic! hahahaha! Our hurricane JuJu has been reaking havoc on our home for 4.5 years, but now she's offical. Hurricane Matthew is on the name list for this year too...

This got me thinking and googling...
Did you know that Hurricane Audrey was the first major hurricane of the 1957 Atlantic hurricane season? Audrey left 416 fatalities, most in eastern Texas and western Louisiana. While moving inland, Audrey spawned 23 tornadoes which killed two people and injured 14 others in Mississippi and Alabama. Audrey is ranked as the sixth deadliest hurricane to hit the United States mainland since accurate record-keeping began in 1900. No future hurricane caused as many fatalities in the United States until Katrina in 2005. (Wikipedia!)

Valerie is still on the hurricane rotation list... 2012 is my year.

Here and Here are where I was looking for hurricane name lists.

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  1. I went to your source and saw that my name was retired the year I was born!!!!!