Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Bloody Mess!

Audrey's had 3 nosebleeds in the last 17 hours. :(

Nosebleed #1 was caused by her picking her nose. Gross?? Yes, but she's two. It happens. Of course, an injured nostril last night led to...

Nosebleed #2 happened during the night. Here's what she looked like when she got up. Sorry for the 1st photo! We've had computer problems this week. I wasn't able to rotate this picture the way I normally would, and I couldn't figure out a different way.

Nosebleed #3 happened in the car. (Sorry for the hang up, MOM!) The child was gushing blood everywhere and tissues alone weren't stopping it. I pulled over at a gas station, pulled her into the front seat, and put pressure on her nose. I think she kind of liked being cradled like a baby. She was getting smiley even with blood smeared all over her face! The blood stopped quickly once I got her head back. Just so you know, blood makes teeth look extremely brown and gross.

I better go now! I have some stain fighting to do during rest time... pillow cases, bed sheets, car seats - OH MY!

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