Monday, September 27, 2010

bring me a dream...

Audrey slept for nearly 3 hours this afternoon and was consequently not ready to go to bed at her regular bedtime. After an hour of her just being wide awake in her room whining, Matt and I brought her back in the living room and she hung out with us while we watched House. (love that show!)

After the show was over we tried once again to get her in the bed, but she came out several times. I picked her up and took her back to bed, but the 3rd time she got by me. I found her hopping quickly onto the couch. I guess she thought that beating me to the couch meant I wouldn't pick her right back up and drop her in the bed immediately?? Ok, well, it worked for about 15 seconds while I took a picture of what I consider absolute and utter cuteness.

These 3 items are what she is insisting on sleeping with tonight: a bear, a Bible, and a hat. The new comfort items didn't quite do the job; she's now zonked out in our room.

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  1. So, I was reading your last post and thought it was funny because Abby is pretty excited about riding the school bus, too. But, like you said, No was is that going to happen.I'm trying to convince her that it's not as cool as it looks. =)