Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let's talk Christmas!

It's almost that time of year... ok, no it isn't. However!!!!! I got a great coupon in the mail this week and decided to take advantage of it by heading to JCPenney's. When Audrey and I walked in the store the twinkly Christmas trees got our immediate attention and we immersed ourselves with our first glimpse of this year's 3month long Christmas season. Audrey's favorite Christmas decorations were these Mickey and Minnie singing toys.

I finally drug her away from the fun toys and we started searching for some deals. I'm pretty happy with my purchase! These will likely all be seen come Christmas morning. :)

I got 2 pairs flip flops, 1 pair girls pajamas, 6 pairs girls socks, and 5 pair girls briefs all for just $9.44 - Tax included! YAY!

I have even more reason to be thinking about Christmas this weekend. We finally pulled out a Christmas present from last year. I know, I know! I should just give my kids all their toys immediately, but I don't. We tend to spread some things throughout the year so voila "Merry Christmas girls from your Cousin Luke and Lindsay." Thanks again, Coplins! The girls have enjoyed decorating their little house! We started off using paintbrushes, gel paint, stickers and markers outside.

Later that afternoon it started to rain so we moved the project inside. Leave it to me to start a cardboard art project outside the first day in weeks (WEEKS!) that it actually rained! We had to rearrange Julia's room, but we've found a home for it. Her room feels cluttered now, but who cares??

Did anyone else notice this? Who's BliB?

I must say that I enjoyed decorating this myself! Matt helped some too. Plus, the best thing is that we still have plenty of more "house" to decorate! OH! Check out these picture frames Julia made for the inside. She actually made 4 of them.

As for how big it is?? It can easily hold me and both girls. Fun stuff! We've got it full of glow toys since it can get kind of dark in there.
Merry Christmas!

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