Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Audrey Kate

Dear Audrey Kate,

Last night was such a sweet time for you and me. I was still awake when you came out of your room around 1:15 AM. You were wearing a long sleeved pink pajama shirt and bloomers. A "B" was in your mouth and your arms held a library book and our Tebow teddy bear. You looked as precious as can be!

I picked you up and held you tight knowing that holding a sweet drowsy child is quite possibly the greatest feeling in the world. Did I put you back in your bed? No way! We walked back to my bed and you were still and quiet while I brushed my teeth and checked on Julia. Then we snuggled and shut our eyes. Moments later, when I opened my eyes again you were staring right at me. A big grin lit your face and we started giggling. We talked about Daddy and you jumped up to wake him up. Thank goodness I stopped you. He probably wouldn't have appreciated being included in our 1:00 AM gigglefest.

We continued giggling and snuggling (you were stroking my cheek - awww... such a sweetie!) for a few more minutes, but before long we settled down and tried for sleep again. Minutes later, you busted out singing "Jesus Loves Me". This rendition was sweet and funny. You sang some of the words so softly, but others you emphasized.

Jesus loves ME this I know. FOR THE bible tells me SO...

You get the idea. Oh my goodness, child! I can't imagine you being any cuter and sweeter than you were right then. I'm typing this up and posting it so that I can remember it later. I wish you could stay this age forever, but at the same time I'm so excited to get to know the girl and young lady you are to become.


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