Tuesday, September 21, 2010

suckers, schoolwork, and shopping

Hello, Hello Blogworld!

Don't the girls look sweet as they eat their free suckers? Thank you Winn Dixie cashier! Audrey's costume is from preschool. Their bible story was on Joseph, and they made a multicolored "coat" to go along with it. She insisted on wearing it into the grocery.

Recent schoolwork...
The "Jesus loves" papers are actually hats.

And now on to a topic that fills me with glee... seriously.
Let's play "Guess how much Valerie spent" - ok??
Here we go.

Store: CVS
Items purchased: 2 right guard deodorants, 1 schick hydro gel, 5 Sara Lee breads (1 pack hotdog buns, 1 pack hamburger buns, 1 white loaf, 2 honey wheat loaves)

Total cost with tax??
$1.49 :)
Although, I did use $.99 in Extra Care Bucks (CVS "money") so it was more like a price of $2.48, still a great deal! The toiletries were free/money makers, and the bread was on sale for $.50 each. I couldn't pass up that bread. It looks as if we'll have to stuff some in the freezer AND enjoy some french toast soon! Yum!


  1. I am constantly amazed by how much money you save...in theory, I'd like to do it too, but I don't think I have the time or energy.

  2. love, love, love Audrey's paper sack!!!!