Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's talk ziploc...

Apparently I'm the only one that reuses ziplocs! Perhaps my peers aren't likely to reuse plastic storage bags, but I know that there are some Great Depression era folks that reuse those things... my Grandmother is one of them!

How do I wash those plastic bags? If I'm already handwashing some stuff then I'll handwash baggies too, but most of the time I turn them inside out and stretch them out on the top rack of the dishwasher. Occasionally, they'll have a hole punctured in them from the tongs of the dishwasher, but usually they hold up just fine. I wouldn't recommend reusing bags that have held meat, but if all it's held is dry cereal for the girls to munch on at the grocery then I definitely reuse that thing!

We had a fabulous meal last night. I NEVER buy fried chicken. It's so bad for your body! **But** I got 8 pieces for $2.99 yesterday (special price at Publix + $1 Deli coupon) and I grabbed it up. It was so bad for us, but it tasted so very good! (When I say we never eat it, I mean that we had to teach Audrey how to eat a drumstick.)Julia was excited while shopping with me.

This pic I took last night to showcase Julia's boo-boo. You still can't see the yellow/purplish color of it well, but it's there. She was walking with her eyes closed around the church Wednesday night and rammed right into the wall corner.

Since I had just taken a picture of big sis it's only fair that I take a picture of little sis too!


  1. I've reused ziplocks on occasion, if they weren't too yucky & I thought I had the time to wash them in the near future so that they wouldn't be laying around too long. I handwash them when I'm washing other things & turn upside down over something else that is "sticking up" (big spoon or handle of a pot, etc.) to dry. I normally only reuse for non-food items, but think that they would have been clean enough for food!!

  2. Once Grandaddy and MeMaw thought they were going to need a new washing machine. Theirs would no longer pump the water out of the tub. I took it apart and found a 1 gallon size Ziploc bag stuck in the drain line. MeMaw had been washing hers in the washer and one had gotten over the top of the tub and into the drain line.