Friday, December 20, 2013

How to make little girls cry...

I have an idea, Robertsdale. Let's put out a big Santa mailbox in the middle of a big park. Then, let's come out and take it down a week before Christmas so that kids can search and search in vain for Santa's mailbox and then break down in tears because Santa "will never get our letters."
I appreciate it.
Fortunately, this momma remembered that the post office had a special spot inside to mail Santa letters, so we tried there. Thank goodness this was sufficient to the girls. It might not go "directly to Santa like the one in the park", but the post office should be able to get the letters to the North Pole before too long.
Crisis averted.
Later that week, we did head back to the park to play around the Christmas decorations they so graciously left out until after Christmas. 
Yes, they're wearing shorts. Yes, it's December 20th. Yes, I do realize that one of these days we'll live in a place where flip flops and shorts aren't likely to be seen in our Christmas pictures.
And, just in case you were wondering... Yes, the post office did manage to deliver their Santa letters in time.

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