Wednesday, October 19, 2011


281. What a blessing to have a new small group to get together with once a week. It's so great to get to know some new people!

282. What a blessing to have Julia doing so well at school. I couldn't help but take a picture of her discipline chart for September.

283. What a blessing to get to spend some 2 on 1 time with Audrey on Thursdays. Julia's at school, Matt's off work, and our younger child gets some special attention.

284. What a blessing to have a fully stocked dress up chest for the girls to play in. Those 2 certainly don't do without in the toy department. Thanks, family!

285. What a blessing to see the girls prance around in high heels. Love it!

286. What a blessing that their makeup rarely leaves stains.

287. What a blessing to be the mother of 2 perfectly imperfect daughters!

288. What a blessing that I knew what pinworms were before I discovered them in the girls. (TMI? Sorry, but I thought I'd document it for their later mortification. Besides, I seriously am very glad that I happened to learn what pinworms were just a few months ago!)

289. What a blessing to be on vacation this week with Matt, Julia, Audrey, Jimmie Kay, Danny, Amy, Jacob, Brodye, and Eli!

290. What a blessing to arrive at the condo in time for some water play Tuesday. Wednesday is supposed to be much cooler!

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