Friday, May 10, 2013

How's Audrey?

Wednesday, April 24th was both great and not great for Audrey.

The great - Audrey mastered a backflip on these bars. She's super proud of herself now. She's also finally mastered the art of swinging herself high on the swings. 
The not so great part of that day? 
Kindergarten shots.
3 of them!
 In case there was any doubt, please know that this child can scream with the best of 'em!

But the next day, we got to go register her for Kindergarten! Yay! 
Here's Audrey's preschool Graduation picture. Graduation is next Friday night.
And, what photo shoot is complete without Audrey (and friend) posing like fashion models?
Speaking of posing...
My baby is growing up!

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