Saturday, December 4, 2010

I did it!!!

I have officially run a 5k! Go me! I was slow, but I'm still proud of being able to run (jog) the entire time. My 38:21 time makes me even happier when I think of the good sized hill I had to jog up! If it wasn't for a friend of mine running right next to me during that mile uphill, I'm pretty sure this treadmill lady would have walked! Thank goodness I didn't. My goal was to run it, and I accomplished that. Next time, I can worry with bettering my time!

Matt and the girls were there at the finish line with "Go Mommy Go!" signs. It was great to have them there. Afterwards we hung out, ate a little, saw Santa, and played on the playground until the official race times were posted.

Today's weather was perfect, I had some friends to encourage me beforehand/during the race, I actually finished the race, and my family was there to celebrate with me afterward! What a great morning! I even have little jingle bells still on my shoes! :)

These are the only 2 pictures I have so far from today. I'm having to wait on pics from the actual race. I'll post those as soon as possible!

Modeling my racing attire.

Modeling my new 5k t-shirt! (that's way too large!)


  1. That's great Valerie!! You'll have to give some of your training tips!

  2. woohoo!!!!! Yay! I'm so glad you did it! You look great!