Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas morning

Christmas morning - 12:45 AM

Julia comes walking in our bedroom where we are about to go to sleep. She snuggles in with us (yes, we're THOSE parents who allow our children to sleep in our bed) and after giggling with her for a few minutes we finally all closed our eyes. As she's drifting off she mumbles...

"What about my dollhouse?"
"Umm, huh??"
"My dollhouse...
"What dollhouse. You don't have a dollhouse."
"My dollhouse in the living room"
"What???" - Matt and I jump up and run to check it out. Julia doesn't bother to follow.

Like last year, Julia saw her presents from Santa and then immediately went back to sleep. I'm glad she was so excited... or not.

Anyways - Audrey woke up first as usual. (6:50 AM in case you want to know) Her tendency is to crawl out of our bed, walk into the hallway, and then start yelling "Mommy, get out of bed. Make me breakfast!" Yes, she has some really bad manners and this Christmas morn was no different than usual.

Except it was different. I actually got out of bed at the first holler. I then met up with her and said, "Do you want to go see if Santa left you any toys in the living room?" She had obviously forgotten b/c she responded with a sharp gasp and wide eyes. Her facial expression read, "oh yeah!"

Here are a few pictures from our morning.

We munched on sausage balls while we opened presents. (That's become our tradition. It feels wonderful to start our own traditions, but at the same time makes me feel OLD!) We then had a breakfast of sopapilla cheesecake, eggs, and fruit. Since Jesus is the "reason for the season" we gave the girls candles in the sopapilla to blow out after we sang "Happy Birthday."

I absolutely loved having a relaxing, slowpaced Christmas morning at home, but we definitely missed our families like crazy and spent a good bit of time Christmas day on the phone! The girls and I are looking forward to visiting TN soon!

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