Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Came!

As always, Julia came into our room around 6:30 this morning. I wasn't sure if she had noticed Santa's presents in the living room, but since she immediately fell back to sleep next to me I assumed she had not. An hour later I heard Audrey waking up. As I was slipping out of the bed, Julia woke up and said, "Did you see what's in the living room?" I told her that I hadn't been in there yet. She said "Santa gave me a bike." Apparently, Julia had walked by the living room saw some presents there and then went back to sleep. What child does this?? Wouldn't most children have gone in there to scope it out and/or come wake up their parents to tell them about it?? Oh well, we spent plenty of time this morning checking out the new toys...

After breakfast, Julia headed outside to try out her new bicycle. While Matt took Julia outside, I took Audrey to her bed. All the excitement of the morning apparently exhausted her. She was asleep again by 10:00.

Meme and Pop - notice the phone below. She was riding you around while she talked.

and a Santa morning picture of the parents...

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