Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sick of Blog Backgrounds!

After spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME today and tonight searching out a new blog background, I am now so sick of it that this background WILL stay up until after Christmas. Listed below are some of the thoughts I had that led to so much time working on this blog...

* This background isn't very Christmasy after all
* This background is too old looking
* ...too wide
* ...too boring
* Allright - good background.
* Old picture, let me update it
* Allright done.
(a few hours gap)
* Oops, Christy has the same background... can't let that happen.
* Background just isn't Christmasy enough.
* ... too 'blah'
* ... too boyish
* oooooh - I can put snow on my blog!
* Allright, decent background.
* This new picture looks funny w/ my new background.
* UH - my camera somehow made the new new picture vertical
* YIKES! - my camera somehow made my face huge
* DOUBLE YIKES! - my camera somehow made my face CRAZY huge!
* ok, it's done.... finally


  1. is it any wonder that your favorite show was about a guy who had serious OCD issues? although the snow effect is kinda cool. love audrey's eyes in that pic

  2. what part do you find obsessive? the part where it took me ALL DAY long to simply change my blog background, or the part where I found it necessary to relive the day (moment by moment) in the form of a blog post?

    and yes, Audrey's eyes do look fabulous.

  3. This made me laugh so hard because that sounds just like me! I obsessed over mine ALL DAY while Clay made fun of me :) I love your new look.