Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What happened to his mommy?

Is it bad that I just stuck my 3 year old in my room to watch a tv/movie while she "rests?" I hope it's not too awful, because I do it pretty regularly. What makes today's movie a good bit worse than usual is b/c she insisted on watching "Bambi". Since she's never seen this movie before, I'm expecting her to come out loaded with questions and/or tears at any moment.


  1. She may be like mine and totally miss that part. Laura Grace asked me at the end of the movie where Bambi's mother went because suddenly it stopped showing her...

    Layton watches a movie on the portable dvd player some days. I need that nap time even if he doesn't nap!

    I like your new blog background.

    Oh, and about the post I wrote yesterday. If I am upset at someone I usually tell them because I hate being upset. I would much rather talk about it and then move on. However, with this person that would result in MONTHS of the silent treatment. Not good when I have to see this person almost daily!

  2. Well, if it IS bad, then I'll join your bad mother's club. Abby watches Disney during her "naps", unless she is too wild, then she has to sleep in her bed. Hey, whatever works! Even if you DO have to explain Bambi's mother's horrific death by a mean hunter with a gun. =) It's all good.

  3. Oh good. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who resorts to videos/tv during rest time.