Thursday, December 17, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Since VERY few people other than the 4 of us actually get to see our Christmas tree, I decided to do a blog post about it. (Thank you, Christy, for the idea!)

Here is our beautiful Christmas tree. It's not very big, and it is pre-lit so putting the thing up is a breeze!!! We always add icicles to make the tree sparkle even more! I'm a big fan of the 'family' Christmas tree. The fancy ones that are decorated with coordinating ornaments are pretty, but just seem too impersonal for my taste (no offense if that's what yours looks like... your house, your tree, your decision!) Please also notice that surrounding the foot of the tree are those dag-blamed Hallmark snowmen that sing. Matt's mom (Meme) gets at least one for the girls every year. Julia and Audrey love them.

Now, on to ornaments. My favorite ornaments are the ones that have family pictures in them. I even bought some new ones a few weeks ago for Matt to give me on Christmas. They were 3 really pretty glass photo ornaments from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a total of $2.75 (last year's clearance.) Here is one with a picture from last year:

I like this ornament b/c it's jingly.

Matt has alot of ornaments that I always threaten to not put on the tree. Here are a couple of examples:

And of course... we have to have a couple of Hannah Montana ornaments. One of them actually sings a song. The other 2 we have are Hannah photo frames. I'm planning on putting pics of the girls in their Hannah attire in them, but for now we just enjoy seeing Hannah's picture.

Now as for Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments... we have 10 or so for Julia, but only 2 for Audrey, and one of Audrey's I messed up. It was supposed to be one you personalize, but I wound up not having a thin enough pen. I couldn't fit her entire name on it, and wound up having to repaint the white part countless times... I wound up with her initials on it, and it looks bad. OH WELL!

My favorite 1st Christmas ornament for Julia: this one opens up to reveal a picture and a piece of paper that folds out telling all about Christmas 2006. What we did, presents she received, her response to all the festivities, etc. This one is her favorite as well.

Yet another one from Julia's first Christmas.

I mentioned to family that I wanted them to be on the lookout on Clearance aisles for 'First Christmas 2008' ornaments since we had so few for Audrey. Matt's mom wound up ordering some on the internet. (I can't believe I didn't think of that myself!) I'm looking forward to seeing them!
Happy Countdown to Christmas!

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