Sunday, December 20, 2009

Smiling for Sunday School

I haven't really talked much about the church we've been attending during our time of "transition." After visiting a few others, we settled months ago at FBC Opelika. Julia has really enjoyed her class from day one. I remember getting teary when on our 2nd or 3rd Sunday to attend Julia was greeted with squeals of excitement as soon as she entered the room. She has teachers that seem really nice (Dr. David and Mrs. Kristine) and friends that she talks about (Audrey is the name of one of them - that's a big deal to our 3 year old... to have a sister named Audrey AND a friend named Audrey.) Today, Julia came out of class with presents in tow. She was given an ornament to hang on the tree and a pink mock turtleneck that had a 'J' embroidered on it. I'm sure it will be worn this next week while we're in TN.

Audrey, on the other hand, took a little bit longer to warm up to her class. The first month or 2 was rather rough. TEARS were shed upon drop-off, but once it was time for pick-up she always seemed to be doing fine. There is one male teacher for which she has a particular fondness; she is always hanging around him when we come back. (I walked up once to see him lying in the floor just letting toddlers climb on him... perhaps his obvious willingness to play has something to do with her affection.) Audrey got over the crying stuff mid-November and has been great ever since. Today, I went to pick her up and she wouldn't even come to me at first. She stood at the other end of the room cocking her head with a sly grin. I had mixed feelings about this... as great a feeling as it is to have your child run to you with open arms, it's also a great feeling to have them so enjoy their time with friends.

Yay for good times at church! The sad thing is that Matt and I are hoping that our time at our new church is as short as possible!

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