Saturday, December 5, 2009

Red Alert

Allright. This morning, Matt headed out early to get some reading done and the girls and I lounged around the house. About 9:30, I logged onto facebook where I receive a message from Matt saying that we are going to have company this afternoon. "Ok, no problem!" It sounded like fun. Then 5 minutes later... a new message. Our company is probably going to be arriving any minute. "Uh-oh. Now that's a problem."

Maybe I'm one of the few people who lives like this, but our house isn't always visitor ready at the drop of a hat. I've never in my life been a 'neat freak' and now that I have children, keeping a clean/straight house is even harder. Don't get my wrong, we don't live in a pigsty. We just LIVE. When Matt messaged me about our coming visitors, we had 1 load of laundry sitting in the corner, another pile of sheets in the chair, a small mountain of toys in the floor, pillows scattered everywhere, hairbows here and there, bags of unwrapped Christmas presents stashed behind the couch, and the girls folding table with their breakfast remains sitting in the midst of it all... and perhaps I should add that this was just the living room... and perhaps I should also add that we 3 girls were all still in our pajamas.

OF COURSE, I immediately thrust Audrey out of my lap and took care of me first. Change clothes, brush teeth, DONE. On to the next task.. I moved the clean clothes and sheets into a big pile on our bed. (They're still there!) I had Julia put up the bows, and Audrey was in charge of the pillows while I took care of most everything else. After a 30 second vacuum job, the living room looked presentable. Whew. Of course... we still had to take care of the kitchen, the girls' rooms and their bathroom. (I pretty much always plan on just keeping the master bedroom door closed.) But we did it.... the 'illusion' of clean. No dusting necessary!


We waited.

Matt returned home, and all 4 of us waited.

Guess what.

We're still waiting... 12 hours later!!!!!!!!!!

They never showed.

Oh well, at least my house is (kind of) straight!


  1. I struggle with this right now. I AM a neat freak and still my house is always cluttered looking. We always scramble when company is coming :)

  2. Ha! That made me laugh. Welcome to the world of little kids running around! There is NO reason in the world why you should have a perfect house all the time. In fact, if you do, I will wager to say that your kids are watching way too much TV!!