Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello, SANTA!!!!

Matt joined us for our trip to the library this week for our Christmas Party. Audrey didn't want to go anywhere near Santa, but she did want to stand around and stare at him. Julia was interested yet hesitant.

Julia showing off the teddy bear Santa gave her.

Here is Audrey avoiding the camera (seriously, she refused to look.) Her outfit looked really cute. I was even able to put her hair up in a little hairband. It was so small that with the hairbow in you could barely see the little mini ponytail! My baby's hair is finally getting a little longer. Of course, as soon as she saw Santa she wanted her 'bee' for comfort. 'Bee' = pacifier.

One of the librarians was taking pictures too, and I've asked her to email me pics she got of us. The teenage boy that volunteered to take our family ones for us didn't do such a hot job. He was too far away and didn't zoom. I should have known - how often do you see teenage boys walking around with a camera in tow? (answer: rarely, if ever) Oh well, it was nice of him to go out of his way to volunteer.

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