Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've resorted to posting about food.

My mom's in town this weekend. I always get a little nervous cooking for company b/c of this one little quirk I have: I don't measure stuff, or rather I measure rarely and when I do actually measure an item it's done in a very haphazard manner. Things usually turn out well, but there's always the uncertainty.

Tonight I decided to make potato soup for dinner: soup because it's cold and rainy today - potato because I had a big bag in the pantry of the starchy vegetable that needed to be used. I also liked the idea of putting it in the crock-pot midday. Come dinnertime all I really had to do was get some cornbread in the oven; the rest of my time could be spent with Mammy.

When dinner was served, I felt a little nervous b/c I wasn't really sure how good the soup was (I hate blandness) and I was iffy on my cornbread (it took longer to cook than I was expecting.) Once the food cooled off a little and I was actually able to taste, I think it turned out pretty good. I wasn't really sure what Matt thought about the meal, but Julia promptly raved, "mmmm. It's good Mommy!" I said "thank you," but my thoughts were actually, 'Ahhh, thanks for the compliment child, but you dip your grapes in ranch dressing - I don't know that I trust your opinion.'

A few minutes ago I checked facebook and saw that Matt had mentioned potato soup and cornbread as being the perfect dinner for a cold/rainy day like today. Thanks Matt. I took it as a compliment since Matt is certainly not in the habit of posting references to my meals. Yay... now... what to have for lunch and dinner tomorrow... hmmm.

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