Friday, December 18, 2009

Making Ornaments

The girls and I spent some time this morning making ornaments. Below is a closeup of a spirally Christmas tree, and a coffee filter snowflake that Julia made. I had forgotten how EASY those snowflakes really are to make.

All of our new ornaments

Close ups of regular ornament that Audrey wasn't too excited about coloring. Another Christmas tree, and our pipe cleaner candy cane.

It's amazing how little these girls like to color. Only one of the ornaments we made involved coloring, and they acted as if coloring anything was beneath them. All Julia wants to do is use her scissors, and all Audrey wants to do is mess with the glue.
I originally went looking for glitter to help fancy up some of these ornaments; THANK GOODNESS I didn't find it. I can assure you we made plenty of a mess without it.

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