Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas laughs

Here are a few more pictures that I have on my camera that just make me laugh. The pictures themselves might not be so funny, but the memories of that moment are definitely chuckle worthy.

Audrey helped Tinkerbell make herself at home in our new dollhouse.

Julia received a little makeup from Santa. Here she is trying it out... and then watching warily while Audrey tries it out too. She'd definitely prefer not to share sometimes!

This one isn't a terribly funny, but here's a picture of some of the wall decals that Julia received. (Santa heard Julia's comments that her plain colored room was 'boring' and 'not pretty' but knew that painting an apartment wall wasn't something Mom and Dad cared to do.) After decorating 2 walls, Julia graciously allowed Audrey to use some. Jules also has moved back into her own room now that it's "pretty". (She's been sleeping in the floor of Audrey's room for 2+ weeks.) Audrey is still sleeping in the floor of her room. Whatever.

Only one of the items Matt bought me passed my inspection. (I have issues and issues) Here I am posing with that shirt, but looking at it makes me feel kind of like a fool.

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