Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Life!

Elijah William DuBose - 1/1/11

This is our nephew/cousin, Eli! Isn't he just adorable?!?!

Big brother, Brodye, was very protective of Eli. He kept insisting that flashes from cameras were hurting the baby's eyes, so big brother had the tendency to do this...

Julia jumped at every chance she had to hold her little cousin. Once, Uncle Jacob let her hold the baby while she was standing up. Jacob's hands were nearby, but here is Julia holding Eli all by herself - no couch, no cushions, no lap - just her and a 3 day old! Scared me so much! (I bet it scared Eli's mommy too!)

Special note #1 - Audrey was with us this trip, but she only held little Eli one time. I did not have my camera right on me when she did this. I hope someone else took a picture of her!

Special note #2 - I purposefully left Eli's mom, formerly known as Aunt Amy, out of this blog because she steered clear of cameras most of the week. I wasn't sure which of the few photos that were taken she'd allow me to put on here!

Matt's extended side of the family welcomed another little one just a few days later! Adele Claire Coplin was born 1/5/11. (She's Matt's 1st cousin once removed - yes, I confirmed the relation on wikipedia!) Adele was born 6 weeks early and is currently in NICU. Pray for her little lungs to strengthen and for her parents, Luke and Lindsey, to get some rest.


  1. what a gorgeous baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Precious pictures!! Julia looks so grown up in the picture of her holding Eli all by herself. Sorry we didn't get to see you all while you were here. Thanks for including the prayer request for Adele!
    And Luke and Lindsey!!