Friday, January 14, 2011

This & That

* I finished taking our Christmas tree down Wednesday. Hooray for me for keeping it up 7 weeks 5 days. I think it's a personal record. I completely forgot about the small tree in Julia's room and the stockings. All those are still up. Tomorrow... I'll put it up tomorrow, I'm sure!

* I'm really loving my recent BOGO+coupon purchase of Ocean Spray Diet Blueberry Pomegranate juice. Delicious! Who knew?

* While brushing Julia's hair Tuesday night, I realized that she'd lost a piece of gum in there hours before! The gum was all mangled in a big glob *but* it was towards the ends of her hair so out came the scissors! Only about an inch had to be cut off, and she needed a haircut anyways.

* The same night as Julia's haircut, Audrey fell asleep at the dining table. The napless child was carted to her bedroom and put to bed before 7pm. Technically, she was put to floor since that's where both my children still insist on sleeping.

* We wrote on dry erase boards yesterday morning at preschool. Many of the children practiced writing their names and various letters. One of those children (not Julia or Audrey) wound up with a board that looked like this:

I'm very confident that this was just an unfortunate arrangement of random letters.

* Also, at preschool yesterday, we played musical chairs. After a few practice rounds, the first game got going, but my poor little Audrey was the very first one out. She was so sad! :( Tears were shed, but she calmed down when I put her in charge of "stamping" the kids as they got out (it prevented all tears except for Audrey's) Anyways, the 2nd time we played Audrey knew what she was doing a little bit better. In fact, 2 year-old Audrey defeated those 3's, 4's, and 5's and WON our game of musical chairs. Go Audrey!!! She was thrilled. Take 'em Audrey Kate! She was so proud of herself! It was just adorable. Julia came in 2nd and 3rd during our 2 games. Jules did not like being beat by her little sister.

Pictures of the girls painting at preschool:

Enjoy your long weekend everyone! We've got birthday parties on our calendar this weekend. I'll be sure to bring my camera and let you join in our fun via blog pictures soon!

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  1. Goo Gone and De-Solve-It are also good for removing gum from unfortunate buttons. I won't say how I know it removes from belly buttons, but believe me, it's been tested and all belly buttons in my life are now bubble gum free! Ok, ok, I was in kindergarten. So sue me. :o)