Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Woohoo for a sick day!

Audrey was brought into my classroom late this morning because she had a slight fever again. The girls and I left preschool soon after, but after her nap Audrey was acting just fine. She and Julia spent the afternoon playing and the only "sickness" I noticed was her getting tired earlier than usual this evening. Despite her feeling fine, the pre-k has a rule, "NO fever within the past 24 hours", so (since the pre-k people were the ones that noticed her "fever") I am required to stay home with Audrey tomorrow too! HA!

I've got a cold as well, so a lazy day at home is perfectly ok with me. We'll need extra rest and plenty of liquids. So, if you need the two of us, we'll be lounging on the couch watching a movie (probably The Little Mermaid) and drinking some Crystal Light pink lemonade. Sounds fabulous doesn't it?! The laziness plus the fact that preschool stuff was really ticking me off Monday (adult stuff, the kids at pre-k are great!) and you can assure yourself that I am going to enjoy my sick day!

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  1. I really love Chrystal Light Pink Lemonade. I drank it all the time when I was pregnant, for some reason.