Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello, Dentist!

The American Dental Association website states "It is advantageous for the first visit to occur within six months of eruption of the first tooth and no later than 12 months of age"

Umm, yeah. I didn't follow that recommendation. Julia will be 5 years old next month (oh, the tears) and she just had her first trip to the Dentist yesterday. I had noticed a spot on both of her upper back molars and had to get them checked out. Since I had a coupon (yes - this coupon mama even has a coupon for the dentist!) I took her to get an exam and x-ray... for free.

Is it weird for me to admit that before her visit I was extremely nervous? I kind of felt like if my fears of her having cavities were confirmed then that meant I was a bad mother. I was scared that they'd take her x-rays, discover that she had like... 8 cavities, and instantly turn at me with glaring looks of disdain.

Yeah, I wasn't looking forward to the visit.

Fortunately, the moment we stepped inside I caught sight of a familiar face. One of the ladies at the front desk turned out to be someone from my Sunday School class. Wonderful! She took our paperwork and soon brought Julia a little gift bag that included toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a t-shirt.

When we were called back, Julia did great. She was very willing to do whatever was asked of her. The only look of apprehension I saw on her came as the Dentist moved her chair to where Jules was laying all the way back and very close to the floor. I think she felt rather overwhelmed with having 2 adults (dentist and asst) looming over her like that, but her smile returned quickly when Dr. Dentist said, "Ooooh, do you have princess teeth?" She thought that comment was giggle worthy, and was very willing to let him poke around in her mouth. Great job, Julia!

Unfortunately, my fears (not the overly dramatic ones) were confirmed. Those back 2 molars are beginning cavities. :( We were referred to a pediatric dentist, and I don't have a coupon for that!

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