Friday, February 11, 2011

I see Tinkerbell!

We've already added some flowers and butterflies to the girls bedroom walls, but last week we added a few more. Well, I should say that Matt was actually the one that was in charge of this project. I was grocery shopping.

Both the girls received a set of Tinkerbell wall decals for Christmas (Thanks Meme/Pop!), and we're just getting around to putting them up. Although, to be fair, I've only had my Christmas decorations up and furniture put back in place a little over 2 weeks so we're really not all that behind with the decals...

Julia was very specific on where she wanted her decals to go. The light fairy was placed next to her lamp.

The garden and animal fairies were placed in the "garden" that's now growing out of her baseboard.

And, naturally, the water fairy was placed next to a picture of her at the beach. I think a future in interior decorating may be in store for her.

31. little girls who giggle with excitement over a few new stickers on their walls!
32. time alone to go grocery shopping
33. a bright new scarf and gloves to bundle up in
34. a new raincoat thats been much used these last few weeks!
35. a little girl who is very proud of her schoolwork

btw - the drawers are out of the dresser b/c we had to move the dresser away from the wall. The apartments are updating something cable related...

36. a routine maintanance visit (the cable stuff) that forced me to clean up the house
And while we're on the clean up subject - let's include these major blessings:
37. dishwasher
38. washing machine

39. "up daddy home days" - Matt's days off work
40.. extended family who send the girls sweet little presents. - Thanks, Vickie and Mike!

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