Friday, February 11, 2011

Thinking positive

Let's look for the blessings that can be found even in the not so great stuff.

41. What a blessing to be able to set a good example to my kids by taking them with me (occasionally) to the gym while I run a couple of miles.

42. What a blessing to have them behave well as they exercise and watch me exercise.

43. What a blessing to be able to hold my tongue/not cry when my crazy old neighbor lady asked me if I was pregnant as I walked back from the gym with my girls... Sheesh!

44. What a blessing to have a friend respond to my text message about the crazy old lady's comments with a resounding "Curse her!" ;)

Moving on...

45. A silly blessing this week is my winning a small gift from one of the couponing websites I follow. 12 free Krispy Kremes!

46. I'm more blessed that the closest Krispy Kreme is somewhere up in Mobile and I'm not willing to drive 45 minutes for a doughnut. Calories stay away! Remember, I apparently look as if I'm with child. (btw - I'm not!)

47. Sometimes what a mother doesn't know or doesn't understand is a blessing. For instance, I was in the kitchen yesterday when Audrey came up to me smiling and said, "When I play I let Julia share." Aww, that's a good thing to do Audrey. She repeated it again but this time demonstrated it for me. The blessing of misunderstanding was gone when I realized that she actually had said, "When I play I lick Julia's chair."

48. What a blessing to run out of food at the dinner table earlier this week. That means people liked my food! Matt didn't get enough to eat, but how was I to know that Audrey would eat meat for the first time in ages and that Julia would eat thrice her usual amount?

49. What a blessing to have leftover chili in the refrigerator for a yummy (and EASY) addition to the above mentioned meal.

50. What a blessing to have all the ingredients still in my kitchen so that I can make the popular main dish again tonight. Who wants to bet that the girls won't touch it this time?

Happy Weekend!


  1. #47 is the best EVER!

    And I will say boo to the old crazy neighbor too!

  2. When I play I lick Julia's chair...I actually laughed out loud!!

    What was the main dish that was such a huge hit with everyone? I'm curious!

  3. Baked chicken covered in BBQ sauce, pepperjack, and sauteed peppers/onions was the popular dish. Although the girls actually had cheddar cheese and no peppers/onions. I fixed it tonight. Julia ate it again, but Audrey might MIGHT have taken 1 bite.