Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blessings 21-30

21. A sweet sister-in-law who reminds me to count my blessings...
22. Pre-k and church teachers my girls love
23. A part time job
24. Being able to bring my kids with me to my part time job
25. 4 times a week socialization that is outside of church services
26. a coteacher I enjoy working with
27. sweet little children to work with

even if they get in trouble sometimes! :)

28. Working in the same building as Matt. He loves it too. I'm sure he loves bringing forgotten gloves for the girls, printing newsletters off for me, and having us visit him (occasionally) on our way home.
28. a low stress job. This mama really doesn't handle stress well at all!
29. a library thats on the way home from church/school. free books and movies!
30. a husband who's snuggling with the girls RIGHT NOW and reading them their new library books

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