Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine blessings

Small Mess:

51. leftover Macys gift card that Matt and I used to online order our valentine's presents
52. girls who want to make valentines for their friends/teachers/family
53. a husband who is willing to sit down and help his daughters prepare their valentines
54. the gift of early valentine hearts from my girls
55. smiles when the girls see little heart love notes I've put in their lunchboxes.
56. smiles when the girls see little heart love notes that Matt's put in their lunchboxes (yes, I encouraged him to do this!)

Bigger Mess:

57. getting small candies for the girls and my preschoolers for free/nearly free
58. a special couples night at church this weekend
59. TN family that is surely(??) to forgive me despite my forgetting to ever actually mail them their handmade valentine's. I'm sorry!
60. Valentine's Day #10 spent with Matt - Wow!

Clean up time!!!

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