Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hate clothes!

Don't get me wrong... I'm not about to go preaching about my preference for the au naturel look! I fully support the social requirement to have articles of clothing physically covering one's body. I do wish, though, that society would lower its fashion standards. Why can't pajamas and a robe be more socially acceptable?? Why should anyone look down on jeans and a goodwill t-shirt??

I HATE shopping! Indecisiveness is a problem for me, and stores crammed full of hundreds/thousands of clothing options are not good. When shopping, I literally feel this dull ache of panic as it rises from the pit of my stomach up to my chest (where my heart begins to race) and then to my head (where it feels as if I'm going to go crazy or just break down in tears.)

I HATE the fact that the panic I feel towards shopping sometimes causes me to have a meltdown IN PUBLIC!

I HATE the way it is so hard to find something that I think looks good.

I HATE that when I DO find something that I think looks good, it usually makes me FEEL uncomfortable. It's too low cut, too tight, too itchy...

I HATE clothes that need special care. I'm willing to line dry, but hand wash or dry clean?? I don't think so.

I HATE the anxiousness that happens at home as I stand in the closet looking around, trying to find something that makes me look and feel good. I hate this even more, because I know deep down that I could look all day long in the aforementioned closet and still never find anything that I like.

I've mentioned before that I would love to just have someone go shopping and buy my clothes for me. I used to think I would love a stylist. However, that really wouldn't solve all my problems. Sure, it would keep some of the public anxiousness at bay - but a stylist would typically expect me to sacrifice some of my comfort for fashion. Stacy London isn't going to care whether or not I feel a little exposed! I'm not sure what exactly the solution is to end my hatred toward clothing (believe me when I say I've been looking for a solution for years.) I just thought I'd share my feelings since many of the people who read my blog already know that I have this aversion.


  1. Right there with you. Seriously.

  2. I have to say more. Remember college? That was a dumb question :) Anyway, it always FLOORED me that Leslie looked perfect without trying-alont with many, many other girls. I just never had that clothes sense-and still do not. So, yeah... I always end up cryign when I shop!