Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reliving an embarrassment

Thursday night, I received an email from my cousin Ellen with a link to her wedding pictures. I was really excited to look at them, but I made a mistake when I opened the webpage...

I called Matt in the room so he could look at them with me.

In case you don't realize, this is the wedding where I FAINTED in the middle of the ceremony, thankyouverymuch.

A few of the comments I heard while looking at Ellen's beautiful wedding pictures were:
* Look, there's the guy that caught you.
* There you are... still standing for now.
* Hmm, some of these ceremony pictures look a little cropped.
* Is that Bob searching his pockets for a mint??
* Are you back up yet?

All of these comments were interspersed with him doing reenactments too.

I should have looked at the pictures By Myself.

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