Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 things you might not know about ME...

**In no particular order...**

1. When Matt and I were first married, I felt I had a huge dilemma on what to put on our parents Christmas present tags. I couldn't put "Mom" if it went to my mother and "Jimmie Kay" if it went to his. That's not fair, they're both our mothers. I also felt that first names in general to our parents was too impersonal. So, I developed a little system: I would put Mom and Dad on both sets of gifts. The difference was in how I signed the 'from' section. "From, Matt and Valerie" meant that it went to a Bowman. "From, Valerie and Matt" meant that the present went to a Ford. This system is no longer in use since they now go by different 'grandparent' names.

2. I once saved my brother's life by running in and telling my mom that he was turning blue (dag-blamed lifesavers.) You're welcome, Andy.

3. I bought one of Julias' Santa presents this year from Goodwill.

4. I've been certified to teach in 3 different states, but I've never taught full-time.

5. My home number as a child was 901-424-5412. It's been more than 2 decades since my family has had that number, but it's still seared into my mind.

6. We chose to be surprised with the gender of our first child. Less than 8 hours before my scheduled C-section, Matt and I FINALLY decided that if our firstborn were a boy, his name would be Barrett Ford Bowman.

7. I'm glad Julia's not a boy b/c now I really dislike the name 'Barrett.'

8. I didn't really get Matt's approval, but my "just in case the girl you're expecting comes out a boy" name for Baby #2 was Cullen.

9. I overthink things. ALOT. Currently, I'm worried about whether or not anyone with the name "Barrett" will stumble onto my site and consequently be offended.

10. My feet are dry and gross. I assume it's because whenever the daytime high is over 50 degrees I choose to wear flipflops/go barefoot.

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Check back tomorrow for a list of things you might not know about JULIA!!!

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  1. HA HA HA HA love it! My feet are also gross and I don't wear flip flops unless it is summer :)

    I also had the same dilemma with Christmas tags...