Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a U.T.I.

Audrey woke up yesterday morning with a 104.6 fever. It went down with Tylenol, but when she woke at 2:00 from her nap, it was back up over 104. We headed to Pediatric Afterhours where they put a bag on her to try to get a urine sample, Audrey was not happy with this. She cried when they put it on her, and after I had put her pants back on she kept trying to take them off saying "Poo-poo ewwww." (Poo-poo is the only word she uses in reference to her nether region.) While we waited for Audrey's urine sample, they also swabbed her nose and throat for a flu and strep test. Audrey SCREAMED like CRAZY when this was done. Afterwards, she tried to nap in my arms, but whenever a door was opened ANYWHERE in the clinic she would let out a "NOOO" and attempt to scramble deeper into my arms. Babe was scared to death they were going to come after her again.

After an hour or so of waiting on a urine sample, the NP came and suggested we walk around - that we didn't have to just sit in the room. I thought that heading down to the water fountain would be a good idea - Audrey wasn't interested in the juice I had brought or the 7up the nurse had given, but we needed her to drink! Water fountains are still fun and new for her. Unfortunately, the second we headed out the door, Audrey walked out saying "Ju-Ju, Daddy, Ju-Ju, bye-bye" She thought we were going home :( Sorry darling!

2+ hours waiting for a sample, I finally gave in to a catheter. :(

I cried the second I laid her down on the table. I continued to cry, hold her hands and stroke her cheek while the nurses took care of business. As soon as the cath was over Audrey stopped crying, but my tears continued for about 5 more minutes. Then more tears started falling as I worried that this whole thing was just a virus and I'd put her through an AWFUL afternoon for nothing.

As it turns out, Audrey definitely has an infection. N.P. said it would take til Tuesday to read the culture, but she started us on the antibiotic that was the most likely one we'd need. We have to call our pediatrician tomorrow to find out what the culture reading was.

After a stop at Walgreens for the antibiotic, we finally made it home. Audrey kept telling Matt and Julia about "Doctor, poo-poo, ewwww" while I explained what she was talking about. This trip to the doctor definitely left an impression on her.

She had a rough night, but Audrey's feeling ok right now. When her tylenol is kicked into gear she feels good enough to get up, eat, even fight with Julia! She refused to look at the camera, but here's a pic from this morning.

And, here's a picture that Matt took of me last night at 9:15.... what can I say? It's been a long 48 hours.


  1. Bless your heart! Lg and Layton have had to get a cath at least once. And I cried each time as well :( It is so hard to have to watch them go through that and also hold them down! I hope she gets better soon!

  2. I imagine that Layton's cath was significantly worse than either Laura Grace's or Audrey's... YIKES!