Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 things you might not know about Audrey!

1. She loves corn.

2. She's addicted to her B's. "B" is what she calls her pacifiers. We seem to spend half of our day looking for them, because dear Audrey feels incomplete without a 'B' in her mouth and one in each hand.

3. This week, we've gotten into the pattern of often going to sit on the potty after a diaper change. She gets so proud of herself and will call out for Julia to come see her.

4. When Audrey was born, her big sister was unable to say "Audrey." Instead, Julia called her "Audra." When we were in Julia's presence- Matt, the grandparents, and I soon found ourselves referring to the baby as "Audra" too. To this day, there are people at our former church that think our 2nd born is named "Audra."

5. Often, the only thing she will eat at dinner is fruit. She snubs her nose at meats and most vegetables (corn on the cob and mashed white/sweet potatoes are the only ones I can think of that she'll eat.) Last night, for instance, she ate some orange slices, pushed her plate away, and pronounced that she was "Done."

6. Audrey is a "little Mommy." She loves caring for her baby dolls. At any given time, she will have a baby asleep in the crib(covered with a blanket of course), 1 baby in the high chair (bib on), another in the rocker, a baby under each arm, and a slew of them strewn around the room. Of course, if Julia touches ANY of them... the wrath of Audrey comes out.

7. She's really good at hide-and-seek. Julia's closet is her favorite hiding spot. She climbs all the way in the back and can be ridiculously still and quiet.

8. Audrey likes to stand in her Daddy's lap and slow dance with him - "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus is her favorite. She's so adorably sweet.

9. 2 days ago, she was 'slow dancing' with Matt when she randomly leaned back and slugged him. She also has no qualms whatsoever about hitting her sister. Perhaps, my baby isn't so adorably sweet.

10. When Audrey gets in big trouble and has to sit in time out (1 whole minute of torture) she is then told to hug/apologize to the person she offended. Instead of hugging just that person, Audrey will search out everyone in the house until she's hugged us all.

I'm hoping to do a "10 things" list about Matt tomorrow. We'll see if I'm able to come up with anything that he allows me to post!

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