Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 things you might not know about Matt

1. Apparently, Matt doesn't enjoy having his picture made. I had no pictures of him by himself to put on here.

2. During Florida football games Matt doesn't sit down at all. He stands in front of the TV and paces.

3. A few months ago, I asked Matt to start the dishwasher. His truthful reply was "I don't know how." --- Sheesh! I blame myself.

4. The first year we were married, Matt wrote a song for me. Well, he wrote lyrics. He still hasn't come up with the music to go with it. Of course, I don't think he's been trying.

5. Matt's such a sweetheart. He had our first date all planned out. We were going to go to dinner and a movie. What movie did he choose? That would be "SHREK." Not because he thought I would enjoy it, but because he wanted to pick the shortest movie possible in case I wound up annoying him.

6. Like many men, when I was pregnant he wanted boys. He specifically wanted a left handed boy that would grow up to become a fantabulous pitcher or quarterback. What he has now is a 3 year girl who can barely walk around the house without stumbling over her feet and a 1 year old girl who has the tendency to throw sucker punches.

*I had trouble coming with all 10 items about Matt (that I thought he would approve of me posting) so I asked Julia to help me come up with a few things to tell everyone about her daddy. Her replies are below.

7. He drinks coffee.

8. He plays with Julia and Audrey.

9. He lives in Alabama.

10. He likes to go to Bruster's. (ice cream shop)


  1. Love it!! The movie thing made me laugh so hard I am still crying :)

  2. He doesn't like to hug his mother-in-law.
    He doesn't like mayonaisse.


  3. Mom, he doesn't really like to hug anyone. Talk to Amy about this...