Saturday, January 30, 2010

Matt's so wonderful!

Matt's sister AMY is apparently pretty bored stuck at home in the snowstorm, b/c she asked me to make sure and post this weekend! My guess is that this isn't quite the post she was hoping for!!!

After seeing a few friends' blog posts and facebook status updates, I decided that I need to do a better job of publicly affirming all the wonderful things about Matt. Here we go with a too short list...

* Matt makes sure to turn on my side of the electric blanket when he gets in the bedroom before me at night.
* He supports me choosing to stay home with the girls while they are still young. This really could have been a point of contention since staying at home was not my original intention. Hmm, that last sentence kind of rhymed...
* He's ALWAYS been the one better able to get Audrey back to sleep if she happens to wake during the night... Ok, not always (since he couldn't nurse her) but ever since her midnight feedings ended, he's been the one with the better track record of putting the babe to sleep.
* Matt's fabulous at dancing with our daughters. Julia prefers to dance to Dora the Explorer songs. Audrey likes Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana.
* Even though I know he hated too, he very kindly shared a frozen pizza with me today.
* Matt likes doing the dishes after dinner. HA! Ok- saying he LIKES to do dishes is a stretch, but he does often CHOOSE to do the dishes while I bathe the girls. In his words, he "would prefer to give the dishes a bath than the kids." Bathtime is too loud for him. This makes me happy b/c I would much prefer to wash the girls than wash the dishes.
* He enjoys spending time with our children individually. A few weeks ago, when I was at home with a sick Audrey, he took Julia to church and then they had a lunch date at Olive Garden. Julia felt like such a big girl going out to eat with just Daddy.
* He's funny, almost always able to make me laugh. Quick wit.
* He's fabulous at any kind of trivia game.
* He comes from a fabulous family (Shout out Danny, Jimmie Kay, and Amy!!)
* He often comes across as being rather unemotional... and while this can be frustrating at times, it actually works perfectly to offset my overly emotional self!
* He knows me well enough to be able recognize when my overly emotional self is fixing to render me useless.
* He's extra patient at bedtime with Julia as she requests "more praying please."
* Although I cook most of the time, Matt does enjoy cooking for the family often. He makes chili, chicken quesadillas, baked ravioli, cheesecake, spaghetti, and of course he mans the grill during the summer. He's also the go-to Pancake chef in our house! I was reading this aloud, and Julia just said that he's also a really good "pizza cooker." Of course, these first class pizza making skills consist of opening the freezer, opening a box, and finally opening the oven...
* He sacrificed the TV the other night for 2.5 hours so that I could watch "The Notebook."

again... this list is too short.


  1. I think this is very sweet. You sound a lot like me in the over emotional area. It takes good men to know how to handle that without being cold or making us feel like idiots. That is definatley something that our sweet husbands have in common.

  2. Yeah so not the post I was expecting, but I appreciate the "Shout out" in the post. Also, its nice to hear that he is a good husband to my favorite sis-in-law!!