Thursday, January 28, 2010

This-n-That Thursday

* Last week, I wrote a post that just had some random thoughts and information on it. I enjoyed the spontaneity of the post, and I've decided to do it weekly. Instead of calling it "This, that, and the other" I'm calling it This-n-That Thursday, and publishing the post on... yeah - that's right Thursdays! Don't you love alliteration? Aren't all the "Th's" in the title pretty?

* Audrey's disgusting. No less than 3 times this past week, she's come to me with her hand out saying "Ewwww. Ewwww." She NEEDS to keep her hands out of her dirty, nasty, diaper.

* Consequently (in reference to the Audrey comment) Julia has written the lyrics to a new song. She took the American Idol song "Pants on the Ground" and made new lyrics: "Hands in your pants, hands in your pants, looking so silly with your hands in your pants" Then she busts out with some nonmusical rants about poo-poo and stinkiness and potties. It's both funny and gross.

* I decided to get much more strict reguarding Audrey's pacifier usage. "You only need B at night-night time." and "B's go in the bed!" are now said countless times a day. Since then, Audrey has decided that every hour or so she needs to go lay down on her bed for a few minutes for what I've dubbed her "B break." It's like an addict who needs a fix. She just lies there for 5 minutes or so, B in mouth (and in hands) and will eventually get up and leave them behind.

* I stayed up until 4:15 Tuesday night/Wednesday morning - I don't know why, I just wasn't tired. Shockingly, I wasn't all that tired Wednesday either.

* I previously mentioned that I've gotten extra serious with the couponing this month. This week I found some "moneymaker" items. What's a moneymaker? An item that you make money on after coupons are used. This week my moneymakers were B6 Vitamins (anyone need these???) and J&J Travel First Aid Kits. I think I could have also had a few medicinal money makers... Aleve, Tylenol,etc. but the girls were getting cranky.

* I headed back into Walmart this morning for the first time in 3 weeks! There were some grocery/home staple items that I haven't been able to get extra cheap @ Publix, and that we needed now! The girls and I sang up and down every aisle. We sang, making up nonsense songs, for all of Walmart to stare/glare/laugh at. I don't care though! Our shopping trip was much more fun this way.


  1. Fun! Layton put his hands in his diaper waaaay to much when he was 2. Once he even painted his room with it. GROSS

  2. Julia's song writting made me seriously laugh out loud!

  3. the crazy thing about julia's song is that i don't think she's ever heard pants on the ground. not the real version anyway, she may have heard one of us (you) singing it.