Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This, that, and the other...

* The weather this week has been fabulous. After the girls' rest in the early afternoon, we've been heading outside for a few hours to play. The sun has been shining, and the temp. in the mid to high 60's has been PERFECT! We've enjoyed bike riding, scooter riding, outdoor hide-and-seek, games of chase, walking through the 'woods', sidewalk chalk, etc. What I've loved most is the fact that by the time we head inside, the girls are exhausted! After playing outside, they don't have much energy to whine or fight, and bedtime has been gloriously easy!

* During the last couple of weeks, I've gotten extra serious about couponing. Walmart is only for a few essentials I cannot find on sale elsewhere, and has been my friend. Of course, I'm also trying to actually eat stuff out of my pantry rather than hoarding it all for some undetermined time in the future.

* I just received a lecture because I forgot to put Julia's watch on before we went to the library this morning.

* I am really excited that "White Collar" is back with new episodes. I'm also thrilled to be watching new episodes of American Idol and House.

* This morning, I dropped ALOT of stuffed animals off at Goodwill. Kate Gosselin was very correct when she stated that stuffed animals can quickly overtake a house.

* Julia found a NEW Dora the Explorer library book to check out at the library this morning. I promise, I was more excited than she was! Phenix City's library only has a handful of Dora books and we've already memorized them all.

* As of this morning, Audrey has completed her round of antibiotics. THANK GOODNESS! Wrestling her into position, clamping her arms down with my elbows, prying her mouth open with my left hand, and using my right hand to force sticky purple stuff down her throat was getting O.L.D.

* Audrey's 5 days in her toddler bed have been fabulous! She goes down so easily! Well, except for Sunday's nap. I'm convinced, though, that her refusal to stay in bed that day was because she had fallen asleep for 10 minutes on the way home from church.


  1. Lo hicimos! we found a new Dora book

  2. We also like Dora books at our house :)

    It has been warm here, but rainy so no outside play for us!

    I love the Valentines look