Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things that make me happy!

my family
old/familiar CD's of which I know every lyric
socializing on facebook
walking into the sanctuary of my home church
a big, family breakfast
warm, sunny days
chubby toddler cheeks
giving "holdings" to a preschooler
new episodes of favorite TV shows - White Collar, House, and American Idol
visits from my parents and in-laws
new library books
time alone to read new library books
finding a clean kitchen (or any room not cleaned by me!)
reading blog posts by old friends
little girl giggles
losing a few lb's
a new puzzle book
electric blankets
By One get One deals combined with double coupons at the grocery
comfortable jeans
black high heels
hearing julia say and sing prayers
hearing audrey sing along with julia's prayers
feelings of peace about our near future
my jeep
emails from friends and family
playing board games with adults
singing made up songs
singing real songs
a massage
getting for real dressed (makeup, hair, the whole bit)
making Matt laugh
shopping all day and only using gift cards
pictures of my babies
having pretty fingernails
hearing a favorite song on the radio

I'll stop there. This list is in no way complete!

1 comment:

  1. I love this :)

    I also really like all of these things-except I don't have a jeep...
    I really need to get for real dressed today!