Sunday, January 31, 2010

While you were snowed in...

...we played outside too! Unfortunately, we didn't have 8 inches of snow. We did, however, have warmer temps.

We've played with play-doh. I like play-doh so much better when it's used outside!

We are still waving at the school buses as they drive by. (BTW, I had to look up the plural of school bus; I typed it up a few ways, and nothing looked right!)

The girls enjoy riding up and down the driveway. Matt or I stand guard towards the road, and they can ride/push toys back and forth all afternoon.

Today, was significantly colder. We still played outside some. Check out Audrey's outfit!

Julia gets a kick out of going 'off-road.' Ahhh, the things that please a 3 year old.

I added more pictures to Facebook tonight. HERE is the link. I THINK that this allows non-facebookers to see, but (as a warning) the last time I told someone to try the picture public access link - I was blamed for tricking them into becoming a Facebooker!

Since most of my blog readers are in the ice/snow covered state of TN - Happy Thawing!


  1. Audrey's outfit is cracking me up!!!

  2. we didn't get snow either-just sleet but the kids still got out of school. Crazy!

    Your girls are adorable!