Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm a dork, I know.

There - I've admitted it. 'Cool' has never been an adjective used to describe me, and my newest interest in children's television programming just throws me even further into the pit of despair... errr, not despair - dorkiness.

I am now a whole hearted fan of "The Fresh Beat Band" on Nick JR.

Since many of you will have NO IDEA what the show is - I'll tell you. It's a musical sitcom. Did you hear me??? A MUSICAL SITCOM! In this show, 4 best friends are attending music school. Every second of these friends lives revolve around musical fun. The songs are so much fun! HERE is a link to a youtube video of their song "Great Day." This song closes each episode, and it's catchy tune stays with me always. Julia, Audrey, and I enjoy singing and dancing along while the 4 "Freshbeats" laugh together, solve problems together, and of course sing, dance, and play instruments together. "The Fresh Beat Band" is 22 minutes of fabulousness !

Any comments you may have about my liking this show are welcome, unless your name is Matt Bowman or Amy Dubose. You 2 will probably do nothing but make fun of me and hold this over my head for the next 5 years.


  1. But see... I am with you. First, they are all adorable-and probably our age. HA!

    Second, what else is there to watch?!! Days of Our Lives is not exactly child friendly material. HGTV gets old and Food Network convinces me it is okay to consume everything in my house.

  2. uuuuummmmmmmm, wow. I'm speechless. For now...

  3. Hey, who am I to call anyone a dork? You saw my post today.

    I actually watched the youtube video and it doesn't surprise me that you like the show. You always loved the cheesy music stuff and I LOVE that about you - it's what makes you cool to me!