Friday, January 1, 2010

Fancy Schmancy

I imagine that many others do this same thing, but the fancy schmancy fine china that we registered for pre-wedding never gets used at our house. In fact, it has only been displayed in a china cabinet for less than 2 of the 6+ years we've been married. Before that the beautiful (and EXPENSIVE) stuff was just packed away in boxes, only to be used (at most) once a year. Since last week was Christmas, I pulled out our rarely touched holiday china to use for our family's dinner. Isn't it pretty?

After Christmas, I decided that we should keep using it. So we did for another few days. Julia even requested that we keep using the Christmas plates. However, it's now January, and the Christmas season is over.


Today was New Year's Day - another holiday! So, even though I had decided to put away my Christmas china, we still had another lovely set ready and waiting.

(Lenox Pearl Platinum - in case you're wondering)

That is how this morning Matt, Julia, Audrey, Pop, and I wound up eating Eggs, Pancakes, and Orange slices off of some crazy expensive plates. I rather enjoy using the fancy stuff. I know that I 'should' keep it in the cabinet (we WILL chip it eventually,) but that's no fun. What's the point of registering for such nice things if you're not going to use them??

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  1. I have all the same china! That is too funny. I haven't used my Christmas yet, but next year you have inspired me :) The only china I have used is one of my patterns-but my Lenox Pearl and my Christmas has stayed in the china clue why!