Saturday, January 9, 2010

SC - sat.

We're still in S.C. The girls and I are hanging out at the hotel while Matt is having lunch with some church people. Why aren't we with them? Because Audrey's sick. She's got a fever. I wish I could tell you exactly how high the fever is, but I can't because I don't have a thermometer. I also do not currently have any tylenol to give the poor child. Why do children most often get sick when they are AWAY from home????

A week or so ago, we noticed that Audrey had some foul smelling urine. However, she's had this before (like 6-9 months ago) and it just went away quickly. Since there were no other symptoms - I just figured it was something she was eating. She's had the not so great smell to her diapers off and on since last weekend.

Yesterday, she was whiny (no shock since we were in a car all day and she ALWAYS whines in the car.) If you read my earlier post from today, you'll notice that Audrey was very tired yesterday night (no nap, and it was her bedtime) and that she didn't eat much. She didn't eat much for breakfast this morning either, and we noticed the fever soon after. Ever since, she's just wanted to be held.

So... I'm waiting for the doctor (in Columbus, GA) to call back so I know whether or not to search out a doctor here. We'll see how long it takes for the callback to be made... it is the weekend after all. Matt's also thisclose to us just leaving tomorrow morning (a day early) if Audrey's not feeling better.

We'll see....

Audrey's asleep in her playyard right now. Julia's in the bed, watching TV, and eating cheeto's (awful i know, but what can I say??? I'm mom-of-the-year.)

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  1. I am so sorry she is sick and ya'll are away from home! I hope she gets better soon!