Friday, January 15, 2010

Some toys should disappear

Below is a list of 5 toys currently in my home that I would prefer disappear from my home.

Polly Pockets: Tiny little pieces that get everywhere... Audrey is actually the one that likes these toys the most, and unfortunately she's also the one that makes the biggest mess.

Chutes and Ladders: I don't remember having this game when I was young, so I got it for Julia for Easter last year. Mistake! First of all, the game is boring. Second of all, the board is rather confusing for a young child to navigate. Matt might not admit it, but even he has trouble! :)

Hannah Montana Sticker Maker: The sticker maker pictured is of Dora and officially we have the Hannah Montana one. I'd also like to be sure and say (before Aunt Amy gets offended)that Julia loves this! I, however, do not. Mostly my dislike comes from the fact that it feels as if it's more of a chore for ME. Most of the cutting and gluing all rests in my hands because of the small size of the pictures. Both my girls wind up enjoying the stickers once they're made. Even once the 'sticky' is gone, they still hoard them.

Candyland: Classic right? It's a game of chance so Julia has just as good a chance to win as I do. Simple rules, usually a quick game... but still this game isn't for me. The reason I groan whenever this game is pulled out is because Julia doesn't play Candyland to win. She plays hoping to draw as many 'pink' cards as she possibly can. (Pink cards aren't the plain old color cards. Pink cards are the ones that have the candy cane, jelly bean, lollipop, etc. on them.) Playing Candyland with Jules can be rather frustrating since on each turn she draws 3 or 4 times just hoping for a card she likes, and the game can be downright frightful if I DARE to unknowingly draw a pink card before her highness. Today's game resulted in tears because I drew 2 pink cards before she did.

Corn Popper: The fact that this toy is in the house is totally my fault. Santa brought this for Christmas just a few weeks ago. I just knew that even though it was kind of a "baby" toy my girls would like it b/c it made noise and could be pushed around. I was right about both of them liking the toy. However, while making dinner tonight, I decided that I no longer liked the corn popper. Popping sound on carpet I can take. Popping sound as the toy is pulled all over the kitchen gets annoying.

*I assure you that I'm actually very thrilled and certainly blessed for my children to have SOOO many toys. They definitely do not do without... our house looks like Toys R Us!


  1. Amen. Amen. Amen. I can't second you enough. Both board games make me shudder, Polly Pockets are the bane of my existence and those corn poppers give me migraines. HA! :)

  2. why didn't you put twister on the list? i hate that game. julia pulls it out, plays for 30 seconds (literally) then falls down & says, "I think I'm done." And of course we have to clean it up b/c she can't fold the mat back up to fit in that little bag.

  3. I dislike, joyfully of course, playing Candy Land with my child. It is not fun. Twister---that, however, sounds kinda fun. Hmmmm.

  4. After this post i'm convinced that you got that megaphone for Brodye as a way to pay me back for the Hannah Montana sticker toy. Jacob thinks that he just got a great idea for Julia's Christmas present next year...Dora the Explorer sticker game!!!

  5. Ellen... Uno -a Santa gift that Matt, Julia and I all enjoy playing. Assuming that Julia gets to "win" or at least play all of her cards at the end, even if someone else has already officially won the game.

    Amy - The megaphone was not payback. It was a toy that I had a blast playing with in the store. Since it made a ton of noise though, I decided it was best for someone other than my child. That's kind of what Aunts are for!