Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things you might not know about JULIA

1. Julia received the pictured apron and muffin pan for Christmas along with a few other kitchen tools. The first thing we made together after receiving these items was cornbread. Now, she thinks we need to make cornbread for every meal.

2. Julia rarely takes a nap anymore. When she does sleep, she almost always wakes up in a "sad" mood.

3. When Julia's sad, she doesn't hesitate whatsoever to ask for a "holding" or a "snuggle." It's very sweet; I hope she continues this for years to come.

4. Her nickname is Ju-Ju. The first person I ever heard use the nickname "Ju-Ju" was a little girl from church, Annsley, who is just 7 months older than Julia. The name stuck. VERY FEW people at our former church bothered with her full name. This is also how she referred to herself for over 1.5 years. I have always thought it was really cute, except for the time or two when she has used her nickname in front of a curly headed individual with a hooked nose... in these instances I just felt uncomfortable.

5. She loves to eat carrots with ranch dressing. In fact, she also likes ranch dressing with her chicken nuggets and grapes.

6. Julia is awful about getting toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror. The reason, though, is because she doesn't bother to look down and aim. Instead, she admires herself in the mirror the whole time. She also stares and makes faces at herself continuously throughout dinner by looking at her reflection in the china cabinet.

7. Julia's going though a stage right now where she's very... curious about her body. She loves running around naked.

8. Often, Julia chooses to sleep on her bedroom floor in a sleeping bag rather than in her bed.

9. Julia didn't spend a night away from her mommy until she was 2 years and 3 days old. I was in the hospital, just having had Audrey.

10. Julia has learned, at the young age of 3, how to pull a dutch oven. After she does this, she yells out "you (s)mell it??" and then bursts out in hysterical laughter. Thank you, Matt.

Tomorrow, look for 10 things about Audrey!


  1. Was the curly headed individual Jewish?


  2. They had the stereotypical looks, but i cannot be certain.

  3. okay, the curly headed individual comment had me rolling. TOO FUNNY

    Laura Grace got a similar apron and set for her birthday. We ALSO made cornbread first and then made cornbread every night for what seemed like weeks. Memories.

    All the other things about Julia sound very children LOVE to make a stench and say "You smell it?!" and laugh hysterically. Grossness.

  4. Ok, so Abby is currently sleeping on her bedroom floor in a sleeping bag! What is that all about? I thought maybe she was just a wierdo...but I guess it's a 3 year old thing?!