Saturday, January 23, 2010


I had to drop Matt off at the airport today. I decided to go into the airport with him to scope out where the girls and I will have to go tomorrow when we pick him up. (We're meeting at baggage claim.) I preferred to figure all this out ahead of time instead of with 2 little girls in tow. I always feel rather vulnerable when I'm by myself with them. Knowing exactly where I was heading would make me feel better.

Below are a few snippets of the conversation I had with myself today. Yes, I talk to myself... doesn't everyone??

Allright, $1/hour parking!
Ooh, I hate parking garages.
Did I lock the car door?
Do I have my keys??
It's cold... perhaps I shouldn't have worn flip-flops.
Where do we go now?
There's baggage claim.
A Wendy's right by baggage claim - that's dinner tomorrow night!
Bye Matt! Love you!
Let's see if I can get out of here.
I hate big cities...
...Perhaps teeny-tiny Arkansas town wouldn't be so bad.
Dag-blamed parking garage again.
Clutch purse tightly under left arm.
Get your keys in right hand, arm ready to wail on a 'bad person.'
Walk swiftly and with purpose.
Check behind yourself VAL, see if anyone is following.
Bye - bye parking garage. See you tomorrow.
Am I supposed to go North or South??
Oh, duh, towards Columbus.

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