Sunday, January 17, 2010

things that annoy me...

*pour spilling on the compuper (bye adults... them chilrens our steal learning) - homofones our not two hard. If won more teacher tipes YOUR instead off YOU'RE eye mite go C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(BTW - I realize computer typing is much less formal and that occasional spelling mistakes are going to happen... but the people who regularly mistake to, too, and two cause me to lecture in the direction of my computer.)

*playdoh on a newly cleaned kitchen floor
*a TV on during a family meal
*rude posts on facebook that then disappear after 24 hours
*burning food (is the problem my cookie sheets, my oven, or me???)
*never ending football talk
*being asked to dish out a snack 5 minutes after a meal
*whiny children
*whiny adults
*too few registers open at walmart
*having to repeat myself more than 2 times...
*having to repeat myself more than 2 times...
*having to repeat myself more than 2 times...
*being trapped in a church pew b/c people on both ends will not leave
*unsolicited advice from uninformed relatives
*unsolicited advice from uninformed strangers
*wrestling Audrey to the ground in order to force antibiotic down her throat
*3 year old backtalk
*Matt playing ALL games TO WIN instead of trying to teach Julia - ex.UNO!

I'll stop here, but this list is not complete! HAHA!


  1. Crap...that person who constantly makes grammar mistakes is probably ME!!! :)

    Okay, the church pew thing IS SO ANNOYING! Clay also plays to win and my children insist that they are starving 30 seconds after eating a meal. What is with that?!?

  2. Christy- :) I was definitely NOT referring to you or anyone else in blog world. Many facebookers, though, need to return to elementary/middle school English.