Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beautiful January days

Yesterday was gorgeous (and today promises to be the same) so we headed outside for a beautiful and rather warm afternoon. Isn't playdoh so much more fun outside??? There is so much less to clean up!

While the girls played, I decided to deal with a growing situation... baby clothes. I pulled the girls' old baby clothes out of the outdoor storage closet and figured out which Spring/Summer items I could try to resell. I realize that all of this should have been done by now. Audrey is going on 2, but I wasn't ready 1.5 years ago. Truthfully, if I wasn't hoping to move soon I'm not sure I would be ready now! However, a month ago I pulled some of my favorite baby clothes out to (hopefully) have a baby memory quilt made so sorting through the extra wasn't too emotional.

Until I got to the dresses

Baby girl dresses

ADORABLE baby girl dresses

for example...

Let's hear it for initials! These were the girls' first matching dresses. The only thing I dislike about these is that Julia's cannot be passed down to Audrey... but, come on, so cute!

Then, I took a few deep sighs over wedding attire. Here are the dresses Audrey wore to her Poppa's, her Uncle Andy's, and her Aunt Amy's weddings.

First Easter dresses... Julia's is on the left, Audrey's on the right.

...and my favorites in the 18 months size...

Then, I found baby baby - NEWBORN dresses {sigh}

Finally, I saw this... not a dress, but definitely an outfit that BOTH girls wore often and that I have many memories and pictures of...
my favorite swimsuit.

I probably would have pulled out some of these dresses to go in my baby memory quilt, but it just seemed a travesty to cut them up. Another baby girl needs to wear these! I've already informed Matt that while I'm willing to pass these along to another family, he's the one that's going to have to make the exchange. I really don't want to have to hand them over myself... too many memories.

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  1. I totally understand not wanting to give those dresses away. My mom kept a lot of my baby dresses and now has given them to me for Keziah. I am so glad she kept them. They are so meaningful to me now. Of course, if you are looking for someone who will treasure your treasured hand-me-downs, I'd take extra good care of them and if you ever regretted giving them away, I'd understand and be more than willing to give them back!