Saturday, January 9, 2010

South Carolina, so far

We're visiting a church this weekend, just a preliminary visit. Yesterday, we toured the church, hung out with the pastor and his family, and then went out to eat. I'm not really going to go into details about my feelings regarding the job position but I will highlight a few other things.

Dinner wasn't scheduled until 7:30. However, it was Friday night. We didn't actually get to a table until 8:30. We ate at a Japanese restaurant, and the food wasn't brought out to cook until 8:52. All fine and dandy if it were just me and Matt... but the girls were with us. Typically, they eat at 6ish and go to bed between 8 and 8:15. They were especially tired since neither of them napped AT ALL in the car. Plus, they weren't able to keep themselves busy (by playing and running around) since we were in a restaurant.

You know how at Japanese restaurants the chefs always do a little show as they're just getting started... including a nice little display of fire to "wow" everyone? Well, Julia saw the table next to us light up and she shrieked. When our chef made a little onion pyramid and made that fire up, she cried. Julia continued whimpering in "fear" for the rest of the meal. She did enjoy some salad (typically she refuses to eat salad) and a little rice and chicken. When vegetables were placed on her plate, Julia asked repeatedly, "I dont' have to eat broccoli??"

Audrey was so tired, there were times she could barely keep her head up. She whined. Her eyes had the tendency to glaze over if she tried to focus. She didn't want to sit in the high chair (just my lap), and she didn't take a single bite the entire time we were there. Did I mention that she whined??

All of this adds up to a tasty, but rather unfun meal.

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